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Custom Wholesale Champagne Sabers For M13

/ Arthur Morgan

Adding to our recent tech-collaborations we just had the pleasure to collaborate with M13 on a set of custom Champagne Sabers. M13 is a venture engine whose founding teams build and scale consumer tech companies. They are actively invested in such well known companies as Lyft, Daily Harvest, Ring, Space X, and many more.  When M13 approached us they had the goal of maximizing the brand utility of our champagne sabers. To do this we used both engraving spaces on the blade, engraving their tagline “Brighter Together” on the front side in a custom font while leaving the “M13” for...

Custom Wholesale Champagne Sabers For

/ Arthur Morgan

We recently received the opportunity to work with an exciting new company,, a new wine preservation company that has built an "at-home" machine that is the first fully automatic wine appliance that "preserves, chills and serves wine by the glass." Think of it as a standalone, large-format Coravin.  Plum approached us to produce custom laser engraved champagne sabers that would feature their logo on the box and their customer's name on the saber.  Here's the result: We like to think this project came out particularly well. It highlights both Plum's brand on the box while simultaneously maintaining the focus on the client with the...

Custom Engraved Champagne Sabers for Gamer Clan

/ Arthur Morgan

We recently had a fun little wholesale project at California Champagne Saber Co. - something unusual and outside the box for us. We were approached by an "E-Sports" Gamer Team to produce custom champagne sabers with their Team Logo engraved on the box and saber along with a personalized "Gamer Tag" engraving (akin to a person's name within multiplayer videogaming) on each saber. For Wholesale orders we now stock Champagne Saber with no "California Champagne Saber Co" branding other than the trademark "California" state icon on the saber handle. This creates the possibility of doing a fully custom saber run...

Wholesale Champagne Sabers – ROI for Your Brand

/ Arthur Morgan

Wholesale Champagne Sabers are an ideal promotional product or corporate gift for brands. Completely logo customizable we have the capabilities to custom laser engrave a client’s logo on both the champagne saber blade and the Oakwood Box. Champagne Sabers are a huge POS ROI due to their high price point - $159.95 nonengraved and up to $229.95 with a double-sided laser engraving. When purchased in large wholesale quantities, pricing can be very competitive and leave large margins for retail sales. We work directly with our wholesale partners and offer dropshipping and individual custom laser engraving capabilities. Meaning, we can hold...

The Best Events For Champagne Sabering

/ Arthur Morgan

Weddings: There’s nothing like popping a bottle of bubbly to celebrate someone’s wedding. First off, try naming a better duo than champagne and weddings. Everyone wants to drink at a wedding and what better way to do it than with a crisp, chilled, flavorful champagne. Plus, what other occasion has so many bottles available for sabrage? Weddings in a lot of ways are about extravagance and lasting memories. Champagne sabers afford this to all participants and witnesses. Instead of popping a bottle of bubbly the old fashioned way, try your hand at sabering at your next wedding, it will pay...