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Wholesale Champagne Sabers – ROI for Your Brand

/ Arthur Morgan

Wholesale Champagne Sabers are an ideal promotional product or corporate gift for brands. Completely logo customizable we have the capabilities to custom laser engrave a client’s logo on both the champagne saber blade and the Oakwood Box. Champagne Sabers are a huge POS ROI due to their high price point - $159.95 nonengraved and up to $229.95 with a double-sided laser engraving. When purchased in large wholesale quantities, pricing can be very competitive and leave large margins for retail sales. We work directly with our wholesale partners and offer dropshipping and individual custom laser engraving capabilities. Meaning, we can hold...

The Best Events For Champagne Sabering

/ Arthur Morgan

Weddings: There’s nothing like popping a bottle of bubbly to celebrate someone’s wedding. First off, try naming a better duo than champagne and weddings. Everyone wants to drink at a wedding and what better way to do it than with a crisp, chilled, flavorful champagne. Plus, what other occasion has so many bottles available for sabrage? Weddings in a lot of ways are about extravagance and lasting memories. Champagne sabers afford this to all participants and witnesses. Instead of popping a bottle of bubbly the old fashioned way, try your hand at sabering at your next wedding, it will pay...

Industry Case Study: "JCB" Custom Wholesale Champagne Saber Project

/ Arthur Morgan

JCB, or “Jean Charles Boisset” the luxury brand of Boisset Collection (whose properties include Raymond Vineyards in Napa, Buena Vista in Sonoma, and DeLoach in the Russian River Valley) recently approached California Champagne Saber Company with a unique project.  They wanted to create a custom champagne saber with a Matte Black Giftbox and a Gold logo print. On top of that (after seeing the initial sample) they wanted to customize the champagne saber blade with “JCB” branding in a vertical (rather than the typical horizontal) lay out. Our first mock up and pre-production sample looked like this: After seeing the...

What Makes A Custom Engraved Champagne Saber Such A Nice Gift To Receive?

/ Arthur Morgan

If there’s one thing we constantly hear from California Champagne Saber Co customers it is how profoundly happy recipients are to receive a custom laser engraved champagne saber. As a matter of fact, we estimate 80% of our champagne sabers are gifts, rather than for personal use. If anything, we have repeat customers who purchase a saber for themselves after hearing how much fun their friend or family member is having with the gift. But what makes a personalized champagne saber such an incredible gift? Let’s break it down. It’s Personalized – In Today’s World of Quick Gifts it’s hard...

How To (Properly) Saber a Bottle of Champagne - And in the Process Become a Master of Sabrage

/ Arthur Morgan

Feel like channeling your inner Napoleon? Or maybe you just want to be the center of the party? Or maybe, just maybe you appreciate the fine art of sabrage, or the act of opening a champagne bottle with a sabre or sword, enough that you want to learn how to do so properly, elegantly, and most of all – safely. Well, you came to the right place. Before we dive into the a step by step process let’s quickly explore the science behind why champagne sabering works, and the history behind the art of the champagne guillotine. The Science: Wine...