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Custom Wholesale Champagne Sabers For

/ Arthur Morgan

We recently received the opportunity to work with an exciting new company,, a new wine preservation company that has built an "at-home" machine that is the first fully automatic wine appliance that "preserves, chills and serves wine by the glass." Think of it as a standalone, large-format Coravin. 

Plum approached us to produce custom laser engraved champagne sabers that would feature their logo on the box and their customer's name on the saber. 

Here's the result:

Wholesale Champagne Saber Project

We like to think this project came out particularly well. It highlights both Plum's brand on the box while simultaneously maintaining the focus on the client with the laser engraved personalization on the saber.

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Cheers for now,

Arthur @ California Champagne Saber Co

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