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California Champagne Saber Édition Calistoga (Naturalwood)
  • THE BLADE – Hand forged by skilled artisans our Champagne Saber blade is cut from a single piece of steel before it’s hand polished and imprinted with our logo and the Édition marking, each handle color representing a different city of the Northern California wine country. Our Naturalwood Saber is named after Calistoga and bears the laser engraved “Édition Calistoga” along the blade. Our champagne saber blades are designed in California to reflect the aesthetic beauty of the Californian landscape.
  • THE HANDLE – Hand cut and hand sanded our Champagne Saber handles are carved and woodworked by skilled artisanal carpenters. Each wood piece is cut from a single wood slab before its smoothed, polished, stained, and sealed with a protective wood varnish. The handle is then hand-attached to the blade via polished stainless steel screws.
  • THE FINISH – Each Champagne Saber bears the mark of its design origin and artistic roots – California and the Californian wine country. Each saber handle is finished with a laser cut stainless steel “State of California” hand-affixed design at the top of the handle. The raw stainless steel “California cut out” contrasts with the embellished gold of the handle to create a dynamic aesthetic contrast.
  • THE OAK WOOD CRATE AND STAND – All our Wood-Handled Champagne Sabers come packaged in an elegant Oak Wood Crate. Our Oak Wood Crates are made from sustainable Oak and are subtly laser engraved with our California logo reading “California Sabre a Champagne” paying homage to California’s roots in the French Champagne industry. The Oak Crate doubles as a stand, a wood notch holds the saber in place as the crate is put on its side. Perfect for display.
  • THE GUARANTEE – All our sabers are backed by a lifetime guarantee. We stand by our product as the most aesthetic and utilitarian Champagne Saber on the market and are willing to prove it. Sabers are backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Message us through Amazon with any questions you may have and we promise to always answer within 24 hours.
  • DIMENSIONS: Saber is 16.25" long. Blade is 10.5" long, Handle 5.75" long. Oakwood Box is  17.5" L x 3.75" W x 1.75" H